Digital Citizenship

  • Students will learn Library/Media Center guidelines and procedures

  • Students will be given examples of how to take care of their books and the technology they use.​

  • Students will learn what cyberbullying looks like 

  • Students will learn how to navigate the internet safely and responsibly as a digital citizen.


  • Students will paraphrase and take notes in their own words using print, school databases and media specialist approved websites

  • Students will learn how to express information in own words and abide copyright laws

  • Students will learn how to access and create a Google slide show to share research.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Here at the Smith School we have established  a school culture of acceptance, tolerance and respect. We use staff meetings, assemblies, class and parent meetings, newsletters to families, the school website, and the student handbook to establish a positive climate at school. We reinforce positive social interactions and inclusiveness.


In the Media Center and in the classroom students will learn the differences and similarities between cyber-bullying and in-school bullying in terms of the roles of bully, victim and bystander. 
We have built bullying prevention material into the curriculum and school activities.